Round Island Lighthouse Special Event
October 18-20, 2013
Round Island Lighthouse Park
Pascagoula, MS


On Thursday morning, October 17, 2013, the Jackson County Amateur Radio Association and 599DXA members began preparing the Round Island Lighthouse Park in Pascagoula, MS for their "K5R" Special Event. This event was held from 00:00 UTC October 18 through 23:59 UTC October 20, 2013.

There were five stations (SSB, CW & Digital). ICOM & YAESU transceivers were used. Antennas were a 3 element tri-bander, R-7 Vertical, Buddi Pole and a Carolina Windom. We had a total number of 850 QSOs during the event (CW = 220, USB = 595 and PSK31 = 8).

Many visitors stopped by (both Amateur Radio Operators and Non-operators). Media coverage was tremendous: On October 15 Dan Miller, AE5JG appeared on WLOX's MidDay News with Rhonda Weidner at 11:00 AM to promote the special event. WLOX and WXXV both came to the event and did on-site interviews. The WLOX interview was live with Michelle Lady on the Good Morning Mississippi show. The Mississippi Press and the Sun Herald conducted on-site interviews and took pictures. Also received publicity from News Radio 104.9 (WBUV). All who participated in the event had a tremendous learning experience and a great time. The JCARA and 599DXA members worked together as a team and got along tremendously.

Photo #1 (L-R) N9RQX Val, Harold, WU5D Carl, N5GJ Fred, AE5JG Dan & AE5WU Hank erecting canopy tent.
Photo #2  N9RQX Val & N9RRI Chuck (Val is blind and her husband Chuck logs all of her CW contacts)
Photo #3 Round Island Lighthouse Special Event site in Pascagoula, MS
Photo #4 N9RQX Val making CW contact
Photo #5 K5MOZ Chris making SSB contact
Photo #6 N5GJ making SSB contact
Photo #7 (L-R) Front Row:  AE5JG Dan, KF5PPK Teresa & KE5QHZ Barb
2nd Row:  N5FG Floyd, N9RQX Val, N5GJ Fred, KF5CXI Egan, AE5WU Hank & AG5CC Charlie
Back Row:  N9RRI Chuck, WU5D Carl, AF5DQ Dave, Vicki and N2PKW Charlie


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