Converting a Ten Tec Scout to QRP

I sold my scout last year when I realized that with the Ten Tec Omni VI+, K1, K2 in the shack it wasn't getting much use. A terrific lil rig though and I've never had a rig where I liked the CW note near as much as on that scout.

Ten Tec has a "handout" on the mod if you call them. My copy went with the rig. However, it's really very simple:

To convert a Scout, first you need to disconnect the PA.

There's two coax lines to/from the main board, the input from the driver output and the PA out to the filter. Take the cable that ran to the PA input and connect it to the filters.

Now disconnect the 12V line to the amp, basically unsolder it from ther terminal on the main board. Tape it up and set it aside.

Now readjust the ALC pot for 5 watts (max) out. You are ready to go!

Easy to convert back should you decide to sell the rig later.

Created on ... November 14, 2003