MFJ QRP CW Rig Reviews and Testimonials
I have an MFJ 9020 I use for camping and portable opration. Connected to a simple dipole this little rig will make plenty of good solid contacts. Here are some comments I collected when hams asked about buying an MFJ QRP CW rig. As you'll read below there are a lot of satisfied 90xx owners out there!

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The MFJ qrp cw rigs are fine little radios. You can't go wrong. I've got one for 40 and 20 meters and like them both.


I have used the 40 meter one and it worked alright, also have a ton of MFJ equiptment and no troubles except ina tunner and they fixed it for free even after the warrenty was off it so they stand behind thier products and welcome to the wounderful world of QRP


I am using MFJ 9040 and MFJ 9020 I also have the battery pack and 971 MFJ tuner. I can highly recommend all of these. I am very happy with quality and service from MFJ.
George N7EQH


The MFJ cw rigs are quite good


mfj's have great recievers, in my opinion... They are quite compact and you can have the keyer and filter option with them. they also seem to have a low current drain on receive, Ideal for remote operation... I own the MFJ 20 mtr cw rig and although it does not get much use anymore, it was a highly effective radio with just 2 or 3 watts to a dipole.


I think you will do fine with an MFJ. They are NOT even close to several others that are kits, but if you really don't want to tackle a kit, they will be alright.


From MFJ's page:

"All the right stuff. The MFJ-9020 QRP transceiver is a great rig and destined to become a classic." Bob Gobrick, VE2DRB/WA6ERB, for QRP Quarterly.

"A good dollar value . . . This is a well-designed, well-built radio . . . Getting the MFJ-9017 on the air is a breeze . . . if you're looking for a rig to take on your next vacation, think about one of the MFJ series." Bruce S. Hale, KB1MW, for QST.

"Particularly pleasant . . . I enjoyed this little rig . . . I consistently received very pleasing comments on the quality of the signal -- and the receiver coped very well with heavy QRM on 14 MHz." Rob Mannion, G3FXD, for Practical Wireless.

"I'm impressed . . . The MFJ-9020 puts back into Ham Radio something long ago lost -- FUN! The MFJ-9020 may be the best value going in a ready-to-play ham transceiver." Michael Bryce, WB8VGE, for 73 Amateur Radio Today.

"Compact and very sturdy . . . I really enjoyed using the MFJ-9020 . . . It is a real radio." George Dobbs, G3RJV, for Radio Communications.

In my opinion the MFJ 90xx series are great little rigs!

Doc W5TB