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For the complete use of the Group Reflector consider joining Yahoo Groups and the
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To join Our web based reflector go to and select “groups” this takes you to Find the sign up button, click it and it takes you to a registration page. Fill it out and click create my account. Once created go into and sign in with your new log in and password. They may have you wait for an email to the account given so you can reply which validates your account. You may need to log in to Yahoo Groups the first time to validate it. They are just checking to be sure it is you.

Once in Yahoo Groups type in w5sjz in the look up groups box. It will bring us up and give you a chance to subscribe. We will do the rest.

To do email only here is the information. You may also join email only by going to the w5sjz web page and finding or email info in the Transmatch section.

We recommend join the web based group because there is so much more available in addition to mail.