Satellite reference sites for ham radio operators (w5hf)


 Here is a satellite contact with AO-51 one of the birds we work in this area. Attached in email  Note the squeaking sound on wave file is me moving antenna around on tripod

 Backyard antenna setup

Satellite Contact

Contact audio with this arrangement....

 Hello, Fellow bird watchers

 Here is a draft of what will be sent  for the club web site, for hams to be able have links for finding out about working satellites.

The birds we look for are listed below

AMSAT Oscar-E or AO-51

EYESAT 1 or AO-27



 Learning About Working Satellites

Introduction slide show web site:


This site is useful for: The Amateur Satellite Resource Guide

 Tracking Satellites

Web site for tracking:   


 Shareware download for tracking (Orbitron 3.71):

 Ham Radio Deluxe can also be used to track satellites passes

 Satellite tracking within AMSAT’S web site

 This site is useful for: International Space Station Timelines

 This site is useful for: AO-51 Control Team News

 This site is useful for: Satellite Pass Predictions


Other useful sites:

This site is useful for: Cheap Antennas for the AMSAT LEO'S (WA5VJB)

This site is useful for: The Home of AO-27 on the Web

This site is useful for:    Satellite Related Links

This site is useful for:  AMRAD-OSCAR 27 and SAUDISAT-OSCAR 50: Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions

This site is useful for: News And Information About the Sun-Earth Environment

Youtube video K7AGE) using arrow antenna working AO-51 k7age has many more videos on youtube look him up.



Hams that are interested in satellite contacts in local area

John Harrington             W5EME Email: [email protected]

Benny Youngblood Jr.   KE5RTI  Email: [email protected]

Richard Batchelor         KA5IQX   Email: [email protected]

Will Parr Jr.                   K0AXX    Email: [email protected]

Darril G. Holland           WP5GJP

Darrell George Sr.         W5HF     Email: [email protected]