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New Orleans VHF

Amateur Radio Club

New Orleans, LA

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Updated 4/12/04

Check into the Net Monday night at 8:00pm on 146.86.... .... ....

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N.O. VHF Club membership is open to any FCC licensed amateur radio operator interested in VHF and UHF radio operations, particularly FM voice repeaters and digital packet radio. The Club owns and operates several 2-m and 70-cm voice repeaters (W5MCC/R) and digipeaters in the Greater New Orleans area. Three of the repeaters include members only autopatches.

VHF Club Repeaters:  146.86, 146.62, 146.76 and 444.80 .  The 76 and 86 repeaters feature a members-only autopatch.  All use PL 114.8.  Non-members may ask any VHF Club member to dial the autopatch for them to make a call.

Please check back often for updates on the state of our repeaters.

Monday Night Net

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The VHF Club Monday Night Net is held on the 146.86 machine.   The Net features Amateur Radio Newsline, announcements and ham radio related classified ads.   Please join us every Monday night at 8pm on the 86 machine. 

Your net control operators are Matthew Gaudet - K5OMG and Don Wilbanks - AE5DW. 

The NOVHF Club also has an account with Yahoo Groups for our members.   Please email the Club for more information or click the button below.

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Email the NOVHF Club at [email protected].

Email the Webmaster at [email protected].

Club News


The phone patches are up on the 86 and 76 machines.  All repeaters now are on PL 114.8The 146.61 machine is now on 62 and should be up and running.  The 444.800 UHF machine is now up and running again.


Old Stuff

On Saturday, 9/30/00 we did some work on the new 146.85 repeater.  We made 2 tower climbs to the antennas at the 580 foot level.  We found some problems with the phasing harness.  We removed the harness and discarded it, replacing it with a single piece of 1/2" hardline to the north antenna only, eliminating the dual antenna arrangement.  There is still a problem with water incursion into the 7/8" hardline at the bottom.  That will be dealt with at a later date.  The repeater now has a much better pattern on the single antenna. 

Thanks to Richard Bagnetto WB5HVV for the 6+ hours he spent on the tower and the 2 climbs it required to complete the work.  It was after dark when he finally came down.  Thanks also to the ground crew: Andre Lefriant N5SAC, Roy Blanchard N5YHS, Dave Hughes W5PCM and Don Wilbanks AE5DW.

Click here for pics from the work party.


AE5DW's Ham Links page

Practice FCC exams online

Pictures of the removal of the 146.85 repeater

Pics of the 85 repeater work party on 9/30/00

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