Diamond Lakes Area SKYWARN
Weather Categories / Conditions

Category 1:   Normal weather conditions. No threat.

Category 2:   
Conditions are favorable for severe weather. NWS may issue a severe weather watch for our area.
                       Spotters should frequently monitor NOAA Weather Radio for updates to this threatening weather
                       situation and be prepared for possible activation.

Category 3:   
NWS has placed our area under at least one type of severe weather watch. There is a significant
                       possibility of severe weather for our area. The Diamond Lakes Area SKYWARN Network is
                       activated at this time. Spotters and Emergency Management Personnel should be alert for
                       threatening weather conditions.

Category 4:   Severe weather is present or approaching a county adjacent to our SKYWARN Network area.
                       NWS has most likely issued a severe weather warning for an adjacent county and our area lies in
                       the projected path of this storm. A Net Control Operator will announce his presence and take
                       check-ins from spotters at this time. The weather Net will allow and consist of general storm related
                       position reports and status discussions. Transmissions should be brief. Spotters and Emergency
                       Management Personnel should remain very alert to this threatening situation.

Category 5:   Severe weather conditions are present or approaching a county within our immediate SKYWARN
                       Network control area. Dangerous conditions are imminent and NWS has most likely issued a
                       warning for our area. The Net Control Operator will be broadcasting periodic weather updates,
                       based on information obtained through the NWS and local radar obsevations. Radio traffic should
                       be limited to new spotter check-ins and emergency storm related traffic only.   

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