Packet Radio


Arkansas Packet Radio Network
Hot Springs "SPA" and "SPA50" Nodes


OLD Hot Springs / Garland County Communications Site on West Mountain. Tower replaced in 2001 after falling in 2000-01 Ice Storm.

Site houses communications equipment for County Sheriff, City Fire Department, Countywide / Inter-agency Fire Dispatch, City Services (traffic, water /sewer, parks, sanitation, animal control).
Site has automatic propane fed emergency generator in case of power failures.


Amateur Radio Equipment at West Mountain Site.
Top - 2m Packet node (145.01) "SPA"
2nd shelf - Astron 35m p.s., 440 duplexers
3rd shelf - 146.760 repeater (Now 146.880), 444.600 repeater
Bottom - 2m duplexers, battery backup
(A 6m packet node has been added to site - "SPA50". No current pictures avail.)


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