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  Bob, Sr. - 1959?                                                                                                    Bob, Sr.(r) - 1980?

W5LVB was call sign formerly held by my father, Robert King, Sr., for more than 40 years till SK in 1986.

I was raised in a "communications" home, with my father being a well known and respected Broadcast Electronics Engineer in this region and also owner / operator of the Motorola Service Shop here for over 25 years.
I had very little interest in amateur radio or electronics, but did assist my father in working at the communications shop and helped to build (from the ground, up) and service several broadcast radio stations in our region.
I have had a radio of some kind at home or in a vehicle as long as I can remember.
When the communications shop sold in 1978 and I wasn't retained by the new owners, my interest turned to Emergency Medicine and I became an Emergency Medical Technician for the local ambulance service. I am now a Nationally Registered Paramedic, working for one of this areas largest services. When originally stationed at another post, I was partnered with an E.M.T. that just happened to be a "ham"(now SK). My interest was sparked to work on getting my ticket and my mother had always said, "If you ever get your ham license, try to get your father's call sign". Well, I did and I did. (thanks to the Vanity Call Sign program).
I am now the owner / trustee / caretaker for 3 of my own repeaters and my E.M.T. / ham friend's 3 repeaters.
I am also the current President of the Spa Amateur Radio Association (20th term),
Dep. Dir./COML - Garland Co. Department of Emergency Management,
Vice President and Net Controller for Diamond Lakes Area SKYWARN, Inc.
Other interests: Volunteer Firefighter, trail hiking, bowling and traveling.
(when I can find the time, HA-HA!)
AND, as of April 26th, 2003, I am happily married to the love of my life!


Installing new Packet Radio antenna on West Mountain tower site. (1998?)
I originally installed all of the "twin cross-braced" antennas on this tower in 1976(?) while working at the Motorola shop for my father. Incidentally, that was also the last time I was on this tower.
(Nostalgia? You bet!)
This tower fell during the 2000/01 Ice Storm - So much for nostalgia!


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