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Amateur Radio Stations

 W5KEC  &  W5CON   

"Ken" W5KEC

Kenneth E. Carpenter                 
315 Valhalla Dr.
Edgemont, AR  72044 

Previous call - KD5DFJ 

Amateur Extra Class license

ARRL accredited VE (Volunteer Examiner)

ARRL  WAS  award using PSK31

Have now worked 109 DX countries on PSK,
60 confirmed towards DXCC.
QTH - Edgemont, AR "USA"

Cleburne County

Grid Sq. EM 35vq

Latitude        35.605711

Longitude    -92.168987

TenTen International number -  69598

"Connie" W5CON

Constance L. Carpenter                  
315 Valhalla Dr.
Edgemont, AR  72044 

Previous call - KD5LMQ 

Amateur Extra Class license

ARRL accredited VE (Volunteer Examiner)

QTH - Edgemont
, AR "USA"

Cleburne County

Grid Sq. EM 35vq

Latitude        35.605711

Longitude    -92.168987

TenTen International number -  73352





    These are the modes you will find W5KEC operating  on,

  • SSB         on 20 & 10 mtrs.

  • PSK31     on 80, 40, 30, 20, 15 and 10 mtrs.

  • MFSK16  on 80, 40, 30, 20, 15 and 10 mtrs.

For PSK31, I use DigiPan Ver 1.7 software.

For MFSK16  I use HamScope Ver 1.21 by KD5HIO 

For digital modes I use the RIGblaster interfacing radio to computer.    

Using digital modes,  I usually run from 20 - 40 watts. 
With this low wattage you can  work the world.





  After working in the fire protection trade for 36 years, I retired in 1993 and moved with the XYL (wife) to the State of Arkansas. The best part was moving to the small town of Edgemont, pop.232, located in the foothills of the Ozarks.

   Located on the North shores of beautiful Greers Ferry Lake, 75 miles North of Little Rock, it was the perfect place to retire. The worst part was leaving friends and families back in California. But what a great place for them to come and visit.

    Following NASCAR racing is one of my weekend pleasures. Also I've always been interested in woodworking, computers and electronics. 

   So after moving here, I had the time to take up my life long love of Ham Radio, finally passing  Extra Class in Nov. 2000.   

   In Sep. 2000, my wife Connie, got the ham radio bug, started studying and by Oct. 2001 had received her Amateur Extra Class license. 
I could not be more proud of her for all her hard work.

Need to know more about ham radio,
  What is Ham Radio?




Our Hamshack

Consists of

  • Kenwood TS-140S,    HF base station

  • Kenwood TM-261A,  2Mtr. base station

  • Kenwood TM-261A,  2Mtr. mobile station

  • Kenwood TM-241A, 2Mtr. mobile station

  • Icom IC-2100H,        2Mtr. mobile station

  • Icom IC-W32A,  HT (handheld) dual band

  • Kenwood TH-22AT, HT (handheld) single band

  • MFJ-969,  AT (antenna tuner) 

  • Dell  2.8 GHz Computer/512MB ram

  • Gateway 2.4 GHz laptop computer/512 MB ram

  • DigiPan Version 1.7  software for PSK31

  • HamScope Ver. 1.21 software for MFSK16

  • RIGblaster  interface for digital modes






  • Hustler 5BTV (5 band) vertical, base at 25 Ft.

  • Homebrew 20 mtr vertical loop at 40 feet, in East by West configuration.  Will work 20 & 10 mtrs without ant tuner. 

  • 2/440 dual band Cushcraft AR270, base at 25 Ft.




Member of

10 x10 numbers - W5KEC  69598, W5CON 73352



Number 187





XYL Connie-W5CON and Russel-KD5TLP at Field Day 2002


Ken-W5KEC on PSK31


Ham Radio is the Puurrrrrfect hobby!




QSL Cards



Please visit
our local radio club:

W5GFC Homepage

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What is Ham Radio?

Map of Local Area




Quick Links To

Arkansas Radio Emergency Services Club N5AT

ARRL Arkansas Section Website
Robert D. Schaefer - W5RZ,    ARRL Arkansas Section Manager




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