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Meeting schedules, hangin' out, fellowship etc. We hope you show up and have some RADIO fun with us!

W5AW 146.820 ~ BSARC
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<>> Regular meetings are first Monday of the month at the clubhouse at 7:00 pm
   Note - we used to meet the 2nd Monday. This new first Monday time slot is on a trial
   basis for six months into 2019 to see if we want to keep it. The primary reasoning
   is to avoid colliding with the Midland Amateur Radio Club's meetings so that people
   may have a better chance to attend both/other events.

   This is a good event to attend if you want to complete and submit a 
   PART D membership application for the BSARC. You may also attend any 
   other gathering if you like, or contact a member outside normal 
   meeting times. Click HERE for membership informs.
**NOTE: 7:00 pm is when the meeting officially starts. But if you get there at around 6:00 pm you will find yourself treated to a meal! So get to the clubhouse eary. To see who is bringing food for the month you are attending click HERE. It is up to the person that volunteered for the month in question, but the food is always good, and theres usually some kind of dessert to go along.

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<>> Breakfast is every Saturday morning at the TA Truckstop on I20 at 7:30 am

<>> Fellowship meetings any month that has 5 Mondays currently at Cowboys's at 6:00 pm

Cowboys Steakhouse & Restaurant
Address: 404 E Marcy Dr, Big Spring, TX 79720
Phone: (432) 263-0181

Where's the resturant?
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