FEMA ICS links

This is where to be if you are looking for the direct links to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's ICS testing links for ICS-100B / ICS-200B / ICS700A / ICS-800B ~ Which are ALL PREREQUSITE for the AUXCOMM: Auxiliary Communications Workshop that is scheduled for April 2018.

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AUXCOMM: Auxiliary Communications Workshop
Date:         04/21/2018 - 04/22/2018
Location:     Midland Amateur Radio Club House
4340 North Lamesa Road
Midland, TX 79708

Registration deadline is 5:00 pm Friday, February 23, 2018.

Click HERE to sign up for the certification with the 
Texas Department of Public Safety. But be aware of the following:

The meeting is open to volunteer Amateur Radio operators who 
meet the following pre-requisites:

Current Amateur Radio License

Completed ICS-100b, 200b, 700a and 800b.

If selected to attend the class, pre-requisite documentation will 
be requested, and required to complete registration.

FEMA now requires that all testing be authenticated throught their Student Identification System:
You will be FIRST required to create a FEMA SID to take any exams online...

Click HERE to open up the SID registration page.

At the time of this publication I don't think you NEED the SID to STUDY (take the course). But you will most certainly need the SID when you plan on taking the exam. Look on the RIGHT hand side of the page that loads for that material. The course description is in the center.

The following links will direct you to the corresponding course and testing areas.

Click HERE for the FEMA ICS-100B link.
 Summary printable version of 100B
Click HERE for the FEMA ICS-200B link.
Click HERE for the FEMA ICS-700A link.
Click HERE for the FEMA ICS-800B link.

You will see this notification when beginning the selected course training:
To receive credit for this course, you must:

Complete all of the lessons. Each lesson will take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. It is important to allow enough time to complete the course in its entirety.

Check the length of the lesson on the overview screen. Remember . . . YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ENTIRE COURSE TO RECEIVE CREDIT. If you have to leave the course, do not exit from the course or close your browser. If you exit from the course, you will need to start that lesson over again. Pass the Final Exam. The last screen provides instructions on how to complete the Final Exam.

Please return here for additional updates as I may find out 
other pertinent infomation on this process. For comments please
email me at [email protected]  -- thank you.

Matthew ~ W5KER

-end of document-