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Getting started:

Getting started with your new D-Star radio requires a few steps. You will need to register as a D-Star user and configure your D-Star radio or device. This may also include getting latest firmware upgrades and/or current repeater lists. Fear NOT this is easier than you may have been told and the BSARC is here to help you figure it out with as little stress as possible.
Let's start with watching a fun You Tube movie. Get popcorn and click HERE.
   Okay - notice that video was made in 2012. 
   Things have changed a little since then. 
   So now take a look at THIS. 
Now start by registering into the D-Star network. Click HERE.

Okay - we are half way there...
   Here are a few links for you to see D-Star user status
   that you may be interested in - both from dstarusers.org
   D-Star last heard calls click HERE.
   W5AW D-Star Repeater Detail click HERE.
   W5AW D-Star Dashboard is essential - click HERE.
   D-Star Source Repeater Calculator  HERE.
If you are using an iCom radio you will want to check for the latest firmware upgrades for your model as well as the current repeater lists and the programming software for the radio you are using. If you just go looking for this using google you will likely get a bad headache finding the most current resource. But the BSARC wants to make that easy for you - so go straight to the Japanese main hub using this LINK.

And there you go! Every software and firmware download for every single iCom radio there is all in one convenient location! NOTE: carefully read all material before performing a firmware upgrade on your radio. Upgrades usually have to be done in a particular order with a specific procedure. Do not deviate or you could brick your radio.

Now we need to program your iCom radio. YOU DO NOT have to use the programming cable with the software if you don't want to. As long as you can read-to and write-from an SD card from you PC, you can use the radio management software by swapping out the data. Download the software that is right for your radio and install it.

Once you have done that (same Japanese link has it above) - you will need to update the repeater list for your radio. Click HERE to find your starting point.

First, type in USA and click the 'Lookup Location' button.
Next, select the radio you are using...
Then, download the .CSV file.

Put a new SD card into your radio and format it using the radio SD menu options.
Take out the card, and put it in your computer.
Import the .CSV repeater list file you just downloaded into the software.
Save/Write the table to the SD card.
Put the SD card back into your radio and load the settings.

---- notation here on adding your call sign to the radio ----

Congratulations! You are ready to use your new iCom radio...

If you are using a DV Dongle - click HERE for more information.

For the latest greatest D-Star Power Point Presentations - click HERE.

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