From VP2EB's QTH rental. CQ WW SSB 1995. 20 meter SSB SB effort.

What went right:

1. MLA2500B. Amp was dropped from back of EB's jeep as the back hatch was opened. Not pretty. The amp still worked!! Ran the amp off 120VAC at this location.

2. Ski bag and 203AJ beam. EB didn't have any antenna due to 1995 hurricane.

Cut a hygain 203 to fit inside a 7 foot long ski bag. Worked! The antenna is still on VP2E somewhere. The "magic" balun is lost - never saw it in 1996.

203AJ was designed using modeling programs to use shorter boom then stock 203BA

3. ICE 20 meter filter. Never a problem with local broadcast station.

4. Member of the local VP2E club lent me a FT-747 which worked great. No VOX but made a HB foot switch out of cardboard and wire to key the rig and amp.

5. A 286 laptop with 1 meg of memory and CT 7. (upgraded to 2 meg for the 1996 contest!)


What went bust:

1. YU1NR would operate VP2ENR during the contest from VP2EE's rental. Things in YU land where not great. Tried phone, internet & pbbs to contact YU1NR to ask his entry class. Did not want both of us on island doing 20 SB. VP2EE thought he was doing ABLP. When he arrived on island he was with MLA2500 with Russian tubes (not 8875's) and had no kind words for the 8875. He was to do AB but after finding the 40 meter beam down at VP2EE decided at last moment to go 20 SB. Only two of us on island and both doing 20 SB high power. Not good splitting the multi's. At that point I couldn't change band since only the 203AJ yagi was available.

2. Equipment - HF rig. The promised HF rig didn't work. It obvious the thing had never been checked as it looked like it had been dropped, bad. (I mean it was failed to the most casual observer). Was really sad the host would pull such a stunt. The rotator had to be rebuilt. The hot water heater was out and I repaired it with new heater element. Labor hands had not reassembled the tilt over tower correctly and we had to tear it back to the hinge and reassemble it before we could tilt it over and install the beam. The YAESU FT747 worked very well!

Strange things:

1. Several EU stations that I could hear from about 0800Z to 1000Z on 20 calling endless CQ's. Would call them but could never get an answer. Rotating yagi didn't help.

2. Late afternoon when 20 seemed to open into YB part of the world. Very interesting signals coming through.