P40P Home Page with picture of the operating position

P4 operations by W5AJ covered from CQ WW 1998 to CQ WW Oct. 2002. The operations took place at the original P40V cottage which was sold Mar 2003 thus ending our trips to the P4 cottage. A GREAT operation was the CQ WW SSB 2000, Low Power All Band Single Op operation and broke the existing world record. W5AJ operator. KD5AAU helped as cook (just like those high class EA8BH operations!) Spencer also helped setup beverages support (my son).

Old World record was 7.3M set in 1997.

The RAW P40P score is 9.1M TEN meters was GREAT with over 2800 QSO's on 10 alone. Low Bands were noisy, if you talked to P40P on 160 or 80 you must have a nice setup! I thought the 2000 test was one of the worse 160 contest conditions but GREAT ten meter runs!

The logs are 100% entered into LOTW


Our first attempt on assisted class from P4 was Oct. 2001. I flew a full sized 80 meter loop held up by delta wing kite for the 2001 contest. It seemed most effective into the states on Saturday night but the winds did not support it Sunday night. That trip was solo and had to handle all food/cooking chores. The second attempt at assisted class was Oct. 2002 and was my final operation from the cottage. By the raw score a new SOHPA world record was set. In Oct. 2002, My Dad, at age 73 traveled with me and provided cooking duties. Dad & I setup a phased beverage pointed stateside in field behind the house for this contest. I don't think Aruba has seen phased beverages since...

W5AJ (Robert) standing south side behind the P40V cottage on Aruba in year 2000. Photo by KD5AAU (Spencer). Can you find another 40/20 monobander like this one in the world???
Cushcraft 2 element 40 and Hygain 4 element 20

My son standing in front of the P40V cottage in 2000. Note the Church being built to the right.

Photo with added outline shows 2001 CQ WW SSB 80 meter loop being held up by kite
feed with coax few feet up side to obtain vertical polarization
The other wire seen going across the photo is 160 meter dipole

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