W4VM Repeater Systems and D-Star

Huntsville, AL


Page Updated Jaly 2009


147.10 W4VM VHF Repeater


The Repeater is located on Madkin Mountain RSA.It uses a 103.5 Hz PL tone and has an autopatch and agile remote base.†† There are some equipment improvements pending which should improve the sensitivity of the machine however, at current, the coverage favors south Huntsville and RSA.There are some dead spots in Madison which we home to brighten up.




The 147.10 Phone line is compliments of the Marshal Amateur Radio Club (MARC).†† With the CAT-1000 controllerís capabilities, we are now able to make this an open patch serving the Huntsville area.†† It is a normal * up, # down patch with user speed dials

provided upon request. Ė Just e-mail Ron Ė [email protected]†† In addition,most of the NARA speed dial slot numbers should work here on 147.10.


Shuttle Mission Audio:


The shuttle mission audio is no longer available as a dedicated function on 147.10.Most of the equipment and lines to accomplish it have been removed.†† We do however still enjoy NASA audio via IRLP node 9877 which can be easily accessed on the 147.18 (100 Hz PL) NARA system in Huntsville.This uses the W4VM IRLP node 4950 which could also be configured on the remote base of this machine.



W4VM IRLP Node: 4950


IRLP Node 4950 is linked to the 147.18 repeater on 446.200 simplex from my house in south Huntsville. 446.200 is a coordinated link frequency but you should use the 147.18 input to control the node for better coverage.†† It is an unprefixed node which means it is full and open for all to enjoy.The 147.18 repeater link port commands are announced from the machine : currently 70 off, 71 Transmit, 72 receive and 73 IRLP disconnect and repeater link receive.You can e-mail me for a 2 page quick start guide if needed.Always use the IRLP guidelines at www.irlp.net If youíre a frequent user through the repeater system, please consider supporting NARA: www.qsl.net/nara


W4VM UHF Machine: 443.250


This machine uses a 103.5 PL and has a Remote base which I hope one day to have set up with an very capable (including HF)remote base itís normal home is Green mountain but at current, itís antenna is on loan to NARA for the 146.94 remote receiver.Stay tuned for updates


KE4LRX UHF Machine: 443.475


We operate this machine from our home in South Huntsville where all of our family can communicate via Ham radio:


Ron W4VM

Sandie: KE4LRX

Emily: KF4SUV

Kelley: KI4IAW


It also serves as a test bed repeater for my frequent experimentation with repeater projects since it lives right next my test bench !†† From the very top of my 60 ft tower, it actually does have some pretty decent coverage of south Huntsville.


Mentone Ed. W4WBC D-Star system


This system serves as an experimental system for Mentone Ed D-Star projects.It was the first system in Alabama to join the D-Star national network.The system has aided in the validation of several other D-Star system in preparation for their joining the D-Star network.†† Plans are to deploy it on Brindlee Mtn In Huntsville.


The system is also one of Mentone Edís Portable / Tactical D-Star units.†† It will likely be deployed in Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) efforts where needed.


The coordinated frequencies are as follows:


VHF:145.36 DV

UHF:443.425 DV




D-STAR DITTO is a collection of Ruby scripts I have written to organize D-Star Radio ICF Files from one repeater system to another Ė A PowerPoint description of it is contained here

It is very much work in progress but please drop me a line if you are interested†† My Goal is to have a collection of ICF files for Alabama and other Southeastern cities for several radios available for download here.As D-STAR Ditto matures, that should be an easy task !Until then, please e-mail me and Iíll send you an ICF file for your city if I have created one for your radio.††