Bruce's Motorcycle Page
We are now in ADV mode and that means Adventure. The road less traveled is preferred because we can go places most people never even think about. We see a lot more of God's beauty than the those that just zoom up and down the interstate. We go to places you would not believe and getting there is called Adventure Riding or ADV for short. In order to do this you need a special kind of motorcycle called a Dual Sport bike. A dual sport bike has more clearance to be able to travel secondary roads and is usually a little lighter than the big cruisers. Dual sport bikes have tires that work well on pavement and gravel and dirt. After some research I decided that the BMW F650GS was just right for me as it is just a little lighter than the big GS and still does a great job on the highway and gravel-dirt roads. This is a medium weight dual sport bike with a 2 cylinder fuel injected 800cc engine, 6 speed transmission, ABS braking and full computer readout display and gets easily over 50 miles per gallon.

New in 2011

A few months later, crash bars, center stand and off road tires.

Below August 2017 Weiser Idaho 6 week trip summer trip from FL to CA and back 8771 miles.