The new Maury Amateur Radio Club Repeater, located in Columbia, TN, has been installed and now operational on our FM frequency of 147.12+ MHz and a tone of 127.3. It is a Yaesu DR-2X Digital Fusion Repeater. It operates not only in normal conventional analog FM voice mode but it is capable of operating in C4FM Fusion digital mode. C4FM is a very reliable communication mode with clear voice technology permitting high quality voice communication at longer distances.

This new repeater also incorporates AMS or Automatic Mode Select technology, which instantly recognizes a received signal as C4FM digital or conventional analog FM. The transceiver switches operating modes to match the received signal. Even if you are operating in digital mode, it automatically switches so you can communicate instantly with a received FM station. This removes the need to manually switch between the two modes. This also means that no one is left out. If you have a radio that does not have the digital mode will still be able to communicate on the new repeater in conventional analog FM mode also. If you transmit in this mode the repeater will recognize it and switch everyone to your mode so you will not be left out. And if you have a new digital transceiver that operates the C4FM Fusion mode, you will be able to enjoy the crisp clear communication with friends that the digital signal transmits.

Just a few notes when operating the new repeater. The PL Tone is still 127.3 Hz as it was on the former FM analog machine. For those that are not running digital radios, you will need to also set your Tone Squelch to 127.3. This will keep you from hearing the “annoying” digital signals coming through on your radio when others are transmitting the C4FM Fusion digital signals to each other on the new repeater. And if anyone talks on normal FM voice, your radio will receive their signal along with the transmitted PL Tone and your squelch will open and you will hear them. Your meter or lights on your analog radio will still show activity. letting you know someone is on the digital mode. But when you set the Tone Squelch you will not hear anything.

Also the squelch tail may be slightly longer than the one on the former repeater. You do not have to wait until the tail drops to keep from timing the repeater. You may start talking as soon as you hear the courtesy tone. The courtesy tone is a little different also, but we believe it will be a good change that everyone will like. Also, if the squelch tail has dropped, you need to wait about a second to start talking to avoid missing the first word of your transmission.

There are a couple things you may notice, when in Analog FM mode, that John N5AAA is still "tweaking" on. One is a very slight hum when someone is transmitting. He thinks this may be the sub-audible tone used to open the squelch. There is also a slight "clicking" when someone is transmitting. This is possible caused by some type of interference from another system in the building with our repeater. There are several systems in there so this is very possible. This is a work in progress, so please be patient while they are making changes and improvements.

We hope you will enjoy the new Yaesu Fusion Repeater. It is open to all Amateur Radio operators. If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, please give us a call. There is generally someone always listening and would be glad to chat with you. If you live in the area or moving here, and not a MARC member, please come visit us at a club event, we would love to have you visit. Maybe you will enjoy the fun and fellowship with our wonderful group and decide to join us.

We want to especially thank John N5AAA for all the hard and tedious work he has put in getting this repeater up and on the air. John has put many hours in talking to the Yaesu Reps, getting us a great deal on the machine, testing, setting up, and installing the repeater. We also want to thank Terry KB4FHU, and Gerald W4TOT for all their help getting it installed and on the air. And also to all of you that donated so we could purchase this repeater, we want to thank you. If it were not for everyone, this project would not have been possible.


John N5AAA Terry KB4FHU Gerald W4TOT

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us !