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5/4/1999-New nodes are now up at Florahome(FHFL), Deland Springs(DLS), and Lake City(LKCTY) and NOW Ft.McCoy is to cover Ocala at OCAL.  Coming soon are Live Oak, St. Augustine, and Daytona Beach,Summerfield and Tavares. The goal is to have as much of the state networked as possible before the start of the hurricane season. If you would like to lend a hand, please contact Tom Nolan, KD4MWO. 

Technical Information

The Ocala\Ft.McCoy, FL SEDAN packet radio network node is operated on the Tower Of Tom Bench-W4BTB and Dallas Shrewsbury-WA4OSTand IS sponcered along with The Ft.McCoy Amateur Radio Club in cooperation with system node operator Tom Nolan KD4MWO using his equipment. The system is located on Big Toms Tower East (near SR316 and Millcreek Road and NE 141 terr.), the same location as the W4BTB  repeater.

Other FL Nodes


The Southeastern Emergency Digital Association Network {SEDAN} is supported by concerned node SysOp's who freely dedicate time, money, and effort to build this network of nodes, ready to respond to any emergency within the eastern United States.

There are no BBS, DX spotters, or forwarding enabled on the SEDAN as agreed to within States where the SEDAN is coordinated.

Each SEDAN sysop offers this service without support from any other source. SEDAN's goals are to help save lives & protect property. It is our sincere wish that you too will support these efforts.

The SEDAN network is the world's largest continuous(RF-only) packet radio network spanning most of the southeastern United States. Here is a useful map showing all of the network's current nodes. For more information on SEDAN and amateur packet radio in general check out http://www.sedan.org/.
Ft.McCoy ARC and its members believe in being ready for emergency communications. SEDAN allows us to do so. Some organizations of hams are saying why do we need SEDAN or Amateur radio with cellular and new modes of communication? Well SEDAN and amateur radio has always been proven to be there in an emergency  and the new modes of communication as well as cellular may not be here in an emergency if they get hit during a severe storm. When all else fails why not have back up means of communication for our communities and activities or events within our counties.  Wait and see Amateur Radio will always be needed. SEDAN will always be needed.  Its also a fun part of the hobby to use as keyboarding for information on events.
We are now linked from Marion County all the way to Tallahassee and to Jacksonville.
Call 352-546-3967 if you need information on SEDAN. Check out SEDAN and try Packet!
Go To Marion County ARES webpage. FMARC, supports ARES. Does you Club participate in ARES. If not Ask why Not? You can Join.

Users' Guide

To connect call OCAL or KD4NWO-7 on 145.770 MHz from your preferred packet radio terminal software.


Only active commands are listed. All others produce no response. Most commands only require the first letter to be entered. To see a list of commands just type any invalid command. These commands are identical across most SEDAN nodes.


Please submit any downtime reports or comments about the W4FRC SEDAN node to the following persons:

Tom Bench W4BTB                   [email protected] BIG Tom at Ocal
Tom Nolan KD4MWO             [email protected] Lil. Tom in JAX
Dallas Shrewsbury WA4OST    [email protected]
Dan Spencer  N4OUK              [email protected]

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