Photos  From Frontier Day March 1998
Location: Ft.McCoy Civic Center          N8FT         N4OUK     WA4OST

Your President KS4ZI Relaxing!        Now heres a Photo Of KS4ZI's
Or Is It Grizzly Adams??                   Shack\Repeater QTH.

After a Long Friday Net Heres             See Anyone you Know at our
KS4ZI and Mascott Rocky Relaxing!    1997 Christmas Banquet? WOW!

Another Christmas Banquet Photo    Is WA4OST Signing the Declaration
We were proud of the turn out!!         of Independence, Or cutting a Steak?

On the Left is the 146.940 and on the Right is 442.150 Repeater.
Not many persons has seen a repeater. Well here it tis.

You can see the duplexers^ where the arrow is pointing up and^ here is the small 440
duplexers. This allows us to use one antenna for each repeater instead of two.
This is just a few photos for now we will change them ocassionally. Send a photo of your shack to.   Ft.McCoy ARC P.O. Box 539 Ft.McCoy Florida, 32134 Photos will not be returned. So have a spare one for yourself.

Send a suggestion to the club as well as your photos.
Get On Those repeaters and say hello to those passing through.
Tap on the Transmitting Antenna to e-mail the Club.
Tap on the Key to Key yourself back to the Main Page.Key yourself Back to the Main Page.

  73's and Send Those Photos. Space is Limited Keep in mind.
 de KS4ZI  Pres. Tom Bench