Franklin County Amateur Radio Club



About Us

Club interests include:

· CW—operating Morse code telegraphy.  See the FISTS web page.  Members of the FCARC operate W4FCR as a FISTS affiliated club.  Contact the club station and get 3 points for awards and certificates.  Discover the FUN of CW!

· QSLing—Swapping and managing postcards that confirm contact with other hams.  The FISTS QSL bureau is headed by member Stan Reas, K4UKMembers of FCARC are proud to provide world wide QSL services to the FISTS CW club.

· RACES—Working with the hospitals, American Red Cross and VA Department of Public Safety (DPS) for emergencies.

· WinLink—Using Ham Radio to bridge emergency communications to internet access and e-mail.

· Field Day—When Hams take their radios out of their homes to simulate emergency conditions such as operating away from commercial power.

· Satellites—Operating the many Amateur Radio satellites such as OSCAR and LEOs.

· Traffic—Message handling, radiograms and the National Traffic System network.  Phone and CW nets are great ways to practice for emergency situations.

· Repeaters—Keeping in contact with other hams using VHF and UHF repeater systems.

· Construction—Building equipment such as power supplies, radios, amplifiers, tuners, antennas, and other devices for our stations.

· Contests—Making contact during special events, QSO parties, chasing certificates, etc.


If you have a skill or an interest in any of these topics, join in!


Club officers:

· Pete Michel—WG2J, President

· V A Cant— Vice president

· Phil Jung—K9PJ, Secretary

· Riley Dudley—K4ORD, Treasurer