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Greetings from the FCARC.  We are a group of ham radio operators committed to public service, education, and sharing the benefits of amateur radio.

The club meets on the second Monday of each month, usually in the Franklin Building behind the public library in downtown Rocky Mount, VA, at 7PM.  Our alternate location is Rocky Mount Bowling Center, 923 North Main Street, Rocky Mount Guests are welcome to attend.

The club is affiliated with the ARRL, a national organization of about “156,000 hams, promoting interest in amateur radio, representing hams in legislative matters, and maintaining fraternalism and high standards of conduct.”

Ham Radio, perhaps the greatest hobby ever, attracts people of all backgrounds, side interests, ages, economics, and origin.  It’s fun for the whole family, not just OMs (old man,  guys of any age), so bring the XLY (your Mrs.), your YL (a young lady), the harmonics (kids), whoever!  Hint: some of the world’s greatest engineers, broadcast personalities, even politicians have ham radio in their history.  Give your kids an advance in science, technology, and public speaking… Got a budding rocket scientist?  What till you hear about our satellites! Talk to astronauts on the space station.  What kid doesn’t love to play with walkie-talkies (now called HTs)?  New in school?  Look up the radio club.  Need a science project?  Try ham radio-electronics.  There are ham radio scholarships, hmmm…

During times of emergencies (earthquakes and hurricanes for example) ham radio got the message thru when commercial systems failed.  Yearning to perform public service?  The skills you learn in emergency management might save someone's life, even your own.  Part of the green revolution?  Power up your station with solar panels or air batteries.  Keep informed when others are in the dark.

Hamfests (flea markets for  hams) are a bargain hunter’s delight.  Who doesn’t like to shop and meet up with old friends?  Like antiques?  Have a look at some vintage radios.  Very collectable.  You’re a vet?  Look at some military surplus radios, or connect with MARS (Military Affiliate Radio Service).

New to an area? You’ll always be able to make friends with the local hams.  Trucker? Taking a trip?  Meet hams along the way with your mobile radio.  Talk to European or South American hams while driving down the interstate.  Like nature?  Take a radio backpacking, camping, out to the field.  Set up a demo station at the local park.

So whether you’re any of these, or just an ol’ brass pounder (Morse code operator), a fox hunter (looking for hidden transmitters), or a computer geek (just wait till you see what a PC and radio can do together) get started in ham radio today!


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