Web site of Bob Edwards

Amateur Radio Extra Class, General in 1962

Day hike/trips with HB QRP STUFF

QRP contests PIXs: FD,  ARCI , QRPTTF,  FYBO ,  ARS /BB, ARS /SP

QRP Clubs: ARS, AR(net), AK, ARCI, CQC, NorCal, NoGAQRP, QRP-L

QRP build/mod HF CW gear: 

        TechSonic Milliwater 30 mtr & Knwd R-1000 (VK6WT-QSL, this combo @ 3w)

        NN1G SW-40/20 & K1EL keyer

        NN1G GM-15 (work in process)
        SMiTe # 119 

        NorCal KC-1

         my HB TFR paddles  ,  on ARS TFR page, see entry # 2  and also in K2 below 

        ZM-1 & ZM-2

         my K2, #21,  what a great all-band KIT from  Elecraft 

        FT-840 adj for 900 mw, gathering dust..... 


Local 2 mtr repeaters

 A simple/proven 1:4 Balun and small HF loop  Balun ,
 My TFR backpacking 40/20 mtr  wire vertical, no tuner needed, 
        see #2 entry on WWW page:  1996 TFR contest,

 For a real master of Antenna design, see LB's page:  W4RNL 

 For a quality analysis of the old favorite "ZL Special";
        see his article, pp 72-90 in Communications Quarterly, 
        Winter 1997, ISSN 1053-9433

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