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I am a lover of

First licensed in 1976 as WN2FAQ (at age 25), then WB2FAQ.

Moved "back home" to the Lehigh Valley, PA (Allentown) and became KA3AQV.

Got my Elmer's call in 11/96 - W3ZF (son Jeff is N3THP; he has a tri-band Handheld - Icom Delta 1)

My operating station (pictured below) currently consists of :

  1. SS-9000(Heath's Crown Jewel HF transceiver produced in 1983. 160 thru 10, dual on-board VFOs, RS-232 interface, speech compressor, RIT, passband tuning, motorized band switch, 200 Hz CW filter. True Heathkit engineering and construction; NEVER offered as a kit). Matching Power Supply with dual digital clocks.
  2. SB-200amplifier
  3. HD-1410keyer
  4. SA-2060Atuner
  5. HO-5404Spectrum Anaylzer/Monitor
  6. HDP-121Amic
  7. . . . and even an original Heathkit logbook.

My antennas are a Cushcraft R7, a Butternut HF5V-II, a 50 foot (!) KU3X loaded dipole on 160, 11-element Cushcraft 2 meter beam.

I ran a complete 1970s vintage "SB" station 102/200/500/600/610/620/630/640/650 up until Oct. 1997 (pictured below); now, that's all mothballed and on display. Also have a HR10B receiver, DX-40, 2 HW-12s, HW-12a, HW-22a, HW-29A,HW-32, MT-1 (Cheyenne), 2 AR-3s, PM-2, HM-102, HA-201, HA-201A, HD-15, HM-11, HD-19, HD-1416, HD-1426, HN-31, HP-20, HP-23, HP-23A, UT-1, HW-2036A, IM-18, IP-5220, SG-8, HD-11, HM-10A, GH-12, HDP-121A, HD-1984 (Micoder II), HDP-1495 (Wall Chart), HD-1274, HD-3006, HD-3030, 2 GW-21s, SK-50 (Electronic Workshop - this is where it all started for me - as a kid) and an identical JK-27, B-1, CO-1, RS-1, and a supposedly valuable CR-1 crystal receiver. Also a Hammarlund HQ-100A w/ original speaker and 2 Brown Brothers keys (Models ST-A and CTL-B). For packet, I run an MFJ-1278B. Oh, and I can't forget my Western Union 28ASR teletype, IRL FSK-500 TU, WRL 755 VFO, Drake TR-33C, Icom 2-AT, Eico Code Oscillator, Radio Shack HTX-202 and HTX-404. Also have oodles of Heath catalogs and an original package of genuine Heathkit "Soder-Wick" ;-) I have original manuals for everything (except for about 2 pieces).

Would you believe I also have a MAJOR collection of Accordion Records and Sheet Music (over 1,000+)?!

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