Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

The Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (W3TBG) was organized and incorporated in June 1985. Robert (Bob) Tull, W3TBG, now a Silent Key, was instrumental in starting the club. In his memory, the club has obtained his call sign, W3TBG for use by the club repeater.

One of the most common forms of local communications is a "repeater" in the 2-meter frequency band. A repeater simply retransmits the signal it receives, thereby extending the area of coverage. The W3TBG Repeater, often called the "Club Repeater" is owned and operated by the Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club, Inc. It operates on 145.210 MHz (offset -600). Rod, N3KNT has temporarily installed the club repeater at the Bridgeville Fire Company. The Sussex Amateur Radio Association (SARA) has allowed us to connect to their antenna at that site. The club will meet on 145.210 (-) for the Monday night.


In return for the open access to the repeater, the Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club, Inc. requires that courteous and proper operating practices be followed at all times, including the following points.


  1. Emergency Traffic
  2. Priority Traffic
  3. System Testing and Maintenance
  4. Public Service and Scheduled Nets
  5. General Use



  • Let Control Operators handle interference problems and repeater rule enforcement. There may be actions taking place you are not aware of.
  • Control Operators have the authority and responsibility to alter the rules of operation to meet temporary requirements.


  • Do not acknowledge transmissions from unlicensed stations or stations causing interference. To the extent possible, continue your conversation as if the interfering station is not there.
  • Do not discuss interference on the radio.
  • If you hear interference on the repeater, contact a control operator by telephone. Be prepared to report the time, location, and signal strength. Assistance in locating or identifying interfering stations is welcome.


  • Be a courteous operator and lead others by example.
  • Use your call sign rather than "break" to enter an ongoing QSO. "Break" indicates Emergency or Priority Traffic. Immediately relinquish the frequency when you hear "break".
  • Always wait until you hear the courtesy tone before transmitting. This will allow other stations to break into the QSO and the repeater to reset

The Nanticoke ARC asks each of you to follow these simple rules while operating the W3TBG repeater.

  1. Comply with FCC Part 97 Rules and Regulations.
  2. Emergency Traffic always takes priority.
  3. Be friendly and courteous to all users.
  4. Follow system guidelines listed above.
  5. Enjoy the hobby and the W3TBG repeater.


Rod Eikenberry, N3KNT 302 875-1825

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