Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

A VHF 2-meter club net is held on the repeater each Monday at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. The net is a formal way for hams in the local area to keep in touch with each other. One operator is designated as the Net Control and other operators check in by stating their call sign to the net control. Each ham is given an opportunity in turn to make announcements or ask questions. Nets are fun and they also have the benefit of teaching the organized communications techniques that are required during emergencies. Please check in with the net as soon as you get your Technicians license.

Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club Net Script

            Calling the Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club Net, Calling the Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club Net.

All stations this net, this is (callsign), I am located in________DE. My name is -----------------and I will be the Net Control Station for the Nanticoke ARC Net this evening.

This Net meets every Monday night at 8:30 PM and in the case of repeater failure, we will move to the 145.210 Mhz repeater.

  • The purpose of this net is to provide a point of contact for timely information for all members of the Nanticoke ARC and guest amateurs.
  • This is a directed Net. Please use your full call sign for recognition by the Net Control.
  • Are there any stations with emergency or priority traffic?
  • Are there any Mobile Stations or Short-Time Stations?
  • Are there any Stations on Low Power or Emergency Power?
  • I will now standby for regular check-ins.

     Are there any missed or late check-ins?


       Go through station list for comments.

Ask for any late check-ins.
                         Then ask for the second round of comments.

  • Does anyone have further information for the Net?
  • This is (callsign), Net Control for the Nanticoke ARC Net. I will secure the Net at this time.
  • This is (callsign), out.

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