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The History of W3MF

My name is John Schreibmaier and my amateur radio call is W3MF. I first received my amateur radio license, WN3MFZ, way back in 1969, but was unable to get down to Philadelphia to take the General class test. As a consequence, I dropped out of amateur radio for a few years, never suspecting I would ever get back, HOWEVER...

One weekend in 1974, when my brother, Bob (K3PH), was home from college, I heard him working CW and realized I could still copy it! Soon, I passed the Novice test again, receiving the call WN3YIV. I built a Heathkit HW-16 CW transceiver and the companion HG-10B VFO and was on the air! After some months of operating, I took and passed the General test in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, changing my call to WA3YIV. At another sitting, I passed the Advanced test and, after "several" attempts, finally got the Extra class.

Eventually, I received the call AK3Z, which really stinks on both phone and CW. So... with the advent of the vanity call program, I applied for W3MF. The rest is history!

Currently, I am active as a DXer and DX contester, mostly on SSB. I have also become active on RTTY and can be heard chasing rare and exotic DX on that mode. I am at Number One on the DXCC Honor Roll (Mixed Mode), which means I have all the current DXCC entities confirmed.  I also hold 9-Band DXCC, basic Worked All States (WAS), and WAS on RTTY.

Recent W3MF Contest Scores

John and Bob's Excellent Adventure
2009 ARRL DX Phone from VP9I
ARRL DX Phone Scores
ARRL RTTY Roundup Scores
CQ Worldwide DX Phone Scores
ARRL DX CW (Seriously!) - 2003
Pennsylvania QSO Party - 1997

The W3MF Antenna Farm

At the left is a self-supporting 56-foot Rohn tower with a Cushcraft 2-element shorty 40. On the right is a foldover Rohn 74-foot tower with a Skyhawk tribander that replaces a Cubex 4-element quad that was used until an ice storm in early January 2005.  Here are before and after pictures of the quad. Off the 56-foot tower is a 160-meter inverted L, currently with 16 radials, some as short as 25 feet! Between the two towers is the 80-meter dipole. Sometimes, my brother gets a brainstorm and a "GYT Special" is the result. Stay tuned!

Click here for a larger picture of the 40-meter beam.

Click here for a larger picture of the Skyhawk.

The W3MF Station

The main HF radio is an Icom IC-7610 driving an Elecraft KPA1500. The Alpha 87A is not connected and is only there because I can no longer lift it off the table! The computer on the upper left is an Dell Inspiron 3880. The rotators are a HAM IV (on top) turning the 40-meter beam, while a Yaesu G-2800DXA turns the tribander. The rotator controls are both Green Heron RT-21. The HF antennas are automatically switched by a Top Ten Band Aide Band Decoder and a WX0B Rat Pak six-antenna switch, both powered from the radio.

To the right of the IC-7610 is a Kent paddle. Obviously, this is here for decoration.

Not visible from this picture is the DXCC Honor Roll and 5BDXCC plaques, as well as the certificates for ARRL DX Contest and CQ Worldwide DX Contest, to say nothing of the plaque for winning the 1997 Pennsylvania QSO Party, multi-single category. The latter was won with the aid of my little brother, K3PH.

John, Ex-Postal Employee Extraordinaire

By now, you are probably wondering what I do for a living. Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. I was employed by the United States Postal Service from June 25, 1969 through January 2, 2007. Here is a picture of an atypical post office.

Barbie Post Office

Click here to see a copy of my service award for 37 years of exemplary service.  Note that no member of mismanagement actually signed the award.  Further, note that they got the year wrong.  Typical.

The USPS sponsors a very nice web site. Check it out.

USPS Web Site
ZIP+4 Lookup
American Postal Workers Union (protects us hard working postal employees from tyrannical management)

Pussy Pictures

Chylbia as a Baby
Chylbia on the Bathroom Sink
Gigi and Ollie Picking Up the Mail
Gigi Looking Like a Balloon with Legs
Gigi Doing Her Trick
Gigi Finds a New Bed
John Playing Tricks
Gigi and Her Pet Human (a.k.a. W3MF)
Gigi and Her Other Pet Human (a.k.a. K3PH)
A Very Relaxed Chylbia
The Cat Condo (featuring Tom, Gigi, and Chylbia)

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