W3KM`s - Free Ham Radio Software 

W3KM Freeware

Cabrillo Evaluator Cabrillo log file adjudication and tools software.
PRNet Net Control software - logs any net.
Counties County display software for QSO Parties - installed with GenLog.
Prefixes Call Sign lookup software - installed with GenLog.
Skeduler `Multiple alarm` clock for schedules - installed with my loggers.
Print Labels Label Printing software.
KM Timers
zipped download.  Timers with COM port control. More info.
KM Alpha Sort zipped download. Alphabetizes ASCII text files.
Aplha sort on left, right or middle column. App pix
Cabrillo Tools Cabrillo App for VHF/UHF logs. Comes with VHFLOG, but available here.
ADIF Prefix Calculator
Calculates prefix totals from ADIF prefix files.

Zipped files need the VB run-time files - installed with most apps.

More stuff - applications supplied with VHFLOG - plus homebrew.

Why I wrote freeware.