I was using a modified  now I use a RIGblaster Pro.

Digital Voice Keyer in VHF LOG, GenLog and KM Rover loggers.

Use your sound card software to record your messages in .wav file format. The output of your sound card is connected
to the transceiver`s Mic input with any sound card interface. CQ messages and `report` messages can be sent
with F-keys. The PTT line is also controlled.

DVK has an over-ride that cancels playing wave files, with RIGblaster mode selected, even if you don`t have a RIGblaster interface.

Use your sound card software to edit out the leading and trailing `dead air` portions of your wave files. All
the wave files should have the same relative amplitude. I adjusted mine using the VU meter in the HD-15.

Create the 36 alpha.wav and number.wav files to call stations in your own voice. You can record some prefixes
or club member callsigns even) if you want the callsigns to sound smoother - wa3.wav, n6.wav etc. Just put a
list of them in the syllabls.ini file in the application startup folder - one to a line like below - limit 200.