CW Keyer in VHF LOG / Gen Log / KM Rover
Now I am using a RIGblaster Pro interface. Other interfaces at the bottom.
How to connect your PTT/CW switchbox to the RIGblaster Pro.
This is my multi-radio auto/manual PTT/CW switchbox.

Keyboard CW supported. The type ahead feature allows you to enter your message while it is being sent. Hitting [Enter] at the end of your `type ahead` message returns your transceiver to the receive mode. [F1,2,3] messages can be setup to call the last station entered into the call sign field followed by the exchange.

Use the arrow keys to move your TX speed up and down. The logging software keys the transceiver into TX when PTT is selected. Gen Log`s keyer sends Burst CW and incremented serial numbers from logging software.

Put that old laptop to work keying your beacon. The keyer has a beacon mode with adjustable length keydown. Or use an MFJ keyer with my simple keydown mod.

Supported interfaces: USB, USB to serial adapters and real COM ports.
RTS and DTR pins are software reversible in the COM port setup.