American Foreign Service Amateur Radio Net

For over 35 years the American Foreign Service Amateur Radio
Net has met every Sunday on the following frequencies:

14.316.00 Mhz USB 1500Z if occupied QSY to 14.319.00USB
21.416.00 Mhz USB 1530Z
28.416.00 Mhz USB 1600Z

Washington D.C. DOSARC Repeater: 145.190 - (PL Tone 151.4)

How to get an overseas reciprocal license:

Internation Amateur Radio Union

Department of State Amateur Radio Club - W3DOS
Harry S. Truman Building (Main State Rm 9401)
Accessible through stairwell 7415
Tel: (202) 736-4490
Tel: (202) 736-4450 Phone Patch Line
email address: [email protected]
Station Trustee:  WB6SBW

Members   (Application Form)

W3DOS Reflector email (eGroup) list:

To subscribe, send a message to [email protected]
or go to this e-group's home page at

Department of State Radio Club - K4DOS
Regional Information Management Center (RIMC) Ft. Lauderdale
Station Trustee: KP4USA

How to get a Amateur Radio License:

Step One: Study for the exam with the on-line practice test
(actual test questions).

Step Two: Find a exam location.