American Foreign Service Amateur Radio Net

For over 35 years the American Foreign Service Net has met every Sunday on the following frequencies:
@ 1500 UTC - 14.316.00 Mhz
@ 1530 UTC - 21.416.00 Mhz
@1600 UTC - 28.416.00 Mhz
Mode: Upper Sideband
*Note: if 14.316 is occupied QSY to 14.319 MHz

AFSN Digital Net

Meets on TG 3111 (Washington D.C.) on the BrandMeister DMR Network. W3DOS members usually begin monitoring TG on Sundays at 1430 UTC before the start of the AFSN HF Net.

W3DOS Repeater

Located at the Harry S. Truman building (State Department HQ) the repeater can be accessed on 145.190 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 151.4. If you find the repeater off the air please send a report to W3DOS' trustee (listed below).

Departmet of State Amateur Radio Club

W3DOS is an officially chartered club recognized by the Foreign Affairs Recreation Association. The Club's aim is to foster interest in amateur radio amongst employees of the Department of State. It also enjoys the active support and participation of State Department retirees.

The Club maintains a station in room 9401 of the Harry S. Truman building accessible to club members via starwell 7415. The current station trustee is N5DXZ who is reachable via e-mail for inquiries.

State Department employees who are interested in amateur radio or already licensed are welcome to join W3DOS. Membership is open to both domestic and overseas employees. For more information subscribe to W3DOS' e-mail group. Once subscribed, e-mail the list and a W3DOS member will respond.

W3DOS Reflector E-mail

The Club maintains an active e-mail reflector group where members exchange news and ideas. If you are interested in obtaining more information about W3DOS and its activities you are welcome to subscribe by sending a message to [email protected]

K4DOS @ the Florida Regional Center

W3DOS' southern cousin is the K4DOS State Department Radio Club serving hams at the Department's Florida Regional Center (FRC) in Fort Lauderdale. K4DOS' trustee is KP4USA.

Get an Amateur Radio License or a Reciprocal License

If you're interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator there are many resources easily accessible online. You might want to start by visiting the American Radio Relay League's Getting Licensed page. Or try your hand at a few practice test questions or review a study guide at

If you already have a license and find yourself overseas, you'll need a reciprocal permit to operate legally. Check out the ARRL's Reciprocal Permit page for more information.