VHF Contest station W3DOG

T. Allen Phillips Memorial Amateur Radio Club

These are photos of the VHF/UHF antennas at K3TKJ - W3DOG FM28em Delaware.

M2 13WL432 @ 95'

M2 7WL222 @90'

M2 8WL144HD @ 85'

M2 6M9KHW @ 80'

M2 Stacked HO2 Loops at 65'

M2 HO6 Loop @ 60'

Stacked 13 Element 2 Meter FM Boomers at 35'

220 FM Yagi at 35'

440 FM Yagi at 35'

Phelps Dodge 2 Meter Station Master @ 40'

Close up view

Stacked M2 6M7's @50' and 75' Stacking distance 23' 6"

Industrial 85' lift was rented for the project

AB-577 "Rocket Launcher" Antenna Test Stand after all the Aluminum is in the air

Photo's by W3QU, NE3Y and KD3FA
This page is dedicated to T. Allen Phillips, W3DOG (SK)

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