1. Contact ten (10) members of the Reading Radio Club
at their home QTH, mobile or portable stations.

2. Any band, any mode of transmission may be used.

3. Contacting a Club station, W3BN and/or W3CCH is acceptable.

4. All applications for the Pagoda Award shall be in
writing and addressed to the PAGODA AWARD Administrator.

5. All contacts shall be made after October 13, 1961.

6. Applications shall list the call, the band and the
date of the contact. No QSL cards are required.

7. No fee is connected with the Pagoda Award.

8. Phone patch, Packet, and repeater contacts are not acceptable.
(I.E. From your antenna to the RRC member's antenna)

As of February 8, 1963, the Reading Radio Club started issuing an
endorsement seal to all Radio Amateurs who have already received the
This endorsement seal can be obtained by working fifteen (15) additional
and different member stations of the Reading Radio Club.

The same rules apply for the additional contacts as have
applied for the ten (10) initial contacts.

Any band, any mode of transmission.
All contacts must be after October 13, 1961.
Additional endorsement stickers are available in increments of 25 contacts.

Applicants shall list the call, the band and the date.

No charge for the award or seal.

Applications shall be sent to the attention of the:

Pagoda Award Administrator
John Geisewite, KB3MIH
PO Box 13777
Reading, PA 19612-3777.

An ARRL Special Service Club

Author: W3BN
E-Mail to: [email protected]
Reading Radio Club Inc.