W2YMM-R Echolink 1224 and IRLP 4265                      Allstar 28183 Detailed Status
                                                                                                    29973 VHF Status
W2YMM-L Allstar 28183 Echolink 11808                                     40822 NODE UHF
                                                                                                            41645 gsbarc

                                                                                                           TEST Allstar Status
Real Time Status

The Real Time Status is a program script developed by K6IB.  As well as being able to monitor the node, With an additional script you can control the node too.
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I  installed a script that updates the link status via APRS.
Status click here
More information about AVRS can be found here also.
The UHF node is :
Status related links
THE 900 MHz Repeater now has ALLSTAR and Streaming Audio
This is just one spot I created to quickly monitor my node as well as checking status on other nodes.

Status Page

There are multiple sites on the internet that have different ways of displaying the status of the VOIP nodes.  I have some of them here in one central spot.
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