Introducing the NLI Traffic Net
It is a new net for handing NTS Radiogram traffic.
This new net will be starting on Sunday March 5th 2017
449.300 Repeater will connect up to the 9053 IRLP Reflector
every Sunday nightat 7PM for about 1 hour. 
W2GSB Repeaters 146.685 and 445.725 (K2LI) will also
be connected to the Reflector.

Just a quick reminder the NLI Section Traffic Net will Start at 7pm on Sundays.
The Net will be on the following repeaters (any one of the following repeaters will access the net)

W2GSB 146.685 .600 SHIFT PL 110.9
K2LI 445.725 5.0 SHIFT PL 91.5
K2BAR 446.725 5.0 SHIFT PL 110.9
K2ATT REPEATER 449.300 5.0 SHIFT PL 192.8
You can also access the net from any repeater with IRLP on node 9053. Please remember to leave a drop and wait for the repeater tail to drop as the net will be on a linked repeater system.

Note for stations coming in from Suffolk please try W2GSB or K2ATT repeater first.
For stations from NYC try the K2ATT Repeater first

The Purpose of this net is to handle formal third party traffic into, through and out of the NLI Section while promoting Emergency Communication Interoperability throughout the NLI Section