I wanted to show my newest USB Audio Interface for my Allstar Node
It is made by the guys over at Repeater Builder dot com.

I've been using the DMK URI Interface on some nodes as well as some
home made USB Fobs.  I wanted to give this Maxtrac USB RIM a try.

Their page about these interfaces can be found at
Motorola Maxtrac USB RIM

I am very impressed with this interface.
It is nice and small and is well designed.

They have their original RB USB RIM device which also looks like a nicely
designed and well made interface.

There are a few different versions of the Interfaces available too,
RIM-Lite,RIM-SCOM 7330, RIM-RC210, RIM-Maxtrac, RIM-Maxtrac-RM

Be sure to check them out...

Note, I did have a self inflicted problem that was quickly resolved with an email from Scott N3XCC.
I didn't notice in the Schematic that the COS signal is expected to be on pin 12 and CTCSS Signal is on pin 8.

A typical setup would be
I have my simpleusb.conf setup as
carrierfrom=usb and programmed pin 12 on the Maxtrac for PL/DPL and CSQ Detect
I think you could set still use cos from pin 8 if you set ctcssfrom=usb, or usbinvert  and carrierfrom=no
but I haven't had time to try it yet.

Once the radio was reprogrammed I was up and running.  I'm Very Happy with this interface.