This setup was done on a Beaglebone Black running Version 1.2.1
More information about how to setup your system is available on

Thanks to Doug WA3DSP and the crew who created this image with all the necessary
files that just needed to be edited.

I have used OpenVPN in the past for other projects.
I signed up for the $85.00 a year plan.  STRONG VPN SITE
This gives me a static IP address for the VPN and I don't have to
worry about any port forwarding.

The openvpn package is now installed on the BBB image file you download.
By default it is not enabled.
You must setup the configuration files.
There are example files in /etc/openvpn

First, Download configuration file from the VPN website customer area
I did this on my Windows computer.

The following I did using WinSCP and Putty from my home network.

log in as root

cd /etc/openvpn
Move the file you downloaded to    /etc/openvpn

I then opened client.conf (which was already present in this directory as an example)
and deleted all the config info that was in there.

I opened for editing the .ovpn config file I previously added to this directory, and
selected all and copy pasted it to the now emptied client.conf file.
Save the file.

Next I edited the /usr/local/etc/allstar.env and changed export VPN_NETWORK="disabled" to "enabled"

Next I issued the shutdown -r now command and let the system reboot

When it restarts you should be good to go.

Displays the network configuration of the device

Mine now showed a TUN0 for the VPN Tunnel
Display the BBB local IP address
Display the BBB public (Internet) IP address

Archlinux uses netctl to control the Ethernet connection.
The current configuration for the BBB wired interface is /etc/netctl/eth0