My FreePBX Project
I've been playing with an amateur radio voip program called Allstar for a few years.
It is based on the Asterisk PBX phone system.
So, I thought I'd check out what it took to build my own hobby type PBX phone system.

I had somewhat stumbled upon this when I setup a Polycom Sip phone to talk through my
Allstar node.  I created an extension on my Allstar node, and figured out how to also make
autopatch calls with my radio.

All of my Allstar nodes are now running on the Raspberry Pi 3 single board computers.

Upon further investigation  found a program called FreePBX.   It runs the Asterisk PBX and has
a very nice GUI for setting up and monitoring the Asterisk PBX.

You can get more information about the Raspberry Pi Asterisk Project at

I also found a very talented voip consultant on Youtube name Chris Sherwood.  His channel
is called Crosstalk Solutions.  I've watched hours of his videos and learned a lot about FreePBX.

FreePBX Video Series
Raspberry Pi and FreePBX  

He also has a blog on his website  which as some good
step my step instructions for doing more with FreePBX.

I also subscribed to Flowroute which is a Pay as you go Sip Trunk provider.  I ended up getting
a DID phone number and now can make outgoing calls and receive incoming call on my
Raspberry Pi FreePBX system.

I'm not actually sure what I am going to do with my PBX yet, but it was something I wanted to
experiment with.

I've also learned about Polycom Phone setup and updating.  I use mostly Polycom Soundpoint
33x series sip phone due to their super low cost on ebay ($15.00) on average.

I have also setup Zoiper on my computer and Iphone as extensions as well as the Linksys
PAP2T Analog voip phone adapter.

I plan on making another FreePBX server on a desktop computer and move away from the Raspberry Pi.
I think the Pi is running a scaled down version of FreePBX and want to play with all the program has to offer.


I've now created a FreePBX server on a dedicated Dell Desktop computer running  version .
The Raspberry Pi version was working but is definately scaled down from the full version.

I also aquired a Yealink T46G phone that was refurbished for a great price.  I did have to figure out
how to get the old configuration out of the phone even though it was reset to factory defaults.   That took
a while accomplish.  i will post how I did that soon.

Bob Prybyzerski