The NC9RS Group has alot of information available     HERE
Radio Info

I started out using the Motorola GTX Handie talkies and mobile radios.  They do not require any hardware modifications..

The Motorola Spectra is also a nicely built radio, This requires only a single resistor added to the VCO circuit.  The only problem I've had with the Spectra is the Electrolytic capacitors usually are leaking and require repair.  Not a hard job but it does require soldering some surface mount
components.  There are even hams who will provide this service for a fair price. 
Repeater builder dot com Spectra Recap procedure


I am currently using Spectra's, Maxtrac's and GTX's as Mobiles
and for Handie Talkies I use the GTX and MTX950.

I have not used a Kenwood TK-981 Mobile, but from what I understand It is the Favorite choice
for 900 users.

More Kenwood info can be found at KW902

I prefer Mobile radios over HT's on 900 MHz.  HT's power output is at max 3 watts where
Mobiles can be 15 or 30 Watts. 
HT's are fine for around town, but don't expect super coverage when a distance from the repeater site.

900 MHz Amateur Radios

Instead of re-writing a page of available radios for use on the 900 MHz Amateur Radio Band, I will provide some links to
other websites where the is an abundance of information.

San Diego 900 MHz Amateur Radio Web Site
Read more         

Repeater Builder dot com has alot of infomation about the Motorola GTX radios

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Tom K5TRA put together a 900 Presentation available in .pdf format    HERE
Radio for Use on the 900 Band


Kenwood TK-981

Motorola MCS2000
Motorola Spectra
Motorola GTX
Motorola Maxtrac

Handie Talkies

Kenwood TK-481

Motorola MTX2000
Motorola MTX9250
Motorola MTX950
Motorola GTX

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