Misc Pictures

Here are some miscellaneous pictures depicting recent life and activities at W2CXM.

Force 12 Raising, October 2001
Putting up the new Force12 C-4XL/E HF beam on Sunday, October 21, 2001.
Big thanks to Natan W6XR and John KB2MTI for lending us their expertise and experience!
All these great pictures were taken by Andy Dodd

Step 1: The preparation

Step 2: Final assembly and tuning of the antenna Step 3: The Raising!

Satellite Antenna Raising, Sept 2001

HF Beam Lowering, May 2001. Our trusty TH6DX was put up in 1986 from what we can tell. 15 years later it's time for a replacement, this time a Force12 C-4XL/E.

The Barton Hall Walkway -- subtitled "it's way up there"

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