APRS - Automatic Position Reporting System

APRS has a growing number of hams with "trackers" in the trunk of the car, or a weather station broadcasting the temps, rainfall etc., to providing a digital repeater called a "digipeter" that helps relay positions on the air and over the Internet.

Some new transceivers have a TNC already built in, while other stations connect a TNC, radio and computer together. Software is easy to obtain from the Internet, including DOS APRS, WinAPRS, and UI-View from England. Each of these programs provides maps onto which the stations are plotted, or will access mapping programs on CD ROM such as Precision Mapping.

In the Cherryville club, several members are on APRS, including KC2CMC and K2PA from home, K2BC from the car and walking (especially at Dayton!), and the Hunterdon County OEM. If you want to see where any station you know has APRS is located, or if you want to see weather reports from weather-equipped APRS stations, just go to our APRS form page and have a ball.

A non profit New Jersey Corporation dedicated to Community Service Through Communication. Members actively participate in local emergencies requiring communications from tornadoes to blizzards to floods, as well as providing health and safety communications for events such as walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, tri-athlons and parades.

Traffic Net, at 8 PM every Thursday, 147.375 repeater
ARES-RACES net at 7:30 PM on the first Thursday each month- 147.375 repeater

2 meters 147.375 + 147.015 + (5Z)
220 224.120 -
440 444.850 + 446.475-
CLUB INFO LINE(908) 788-4080 WEBSITE www.qsl.net/w2cra PACKETW2CRA 145.51