The N3GH Tower Project

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This page showcases the job of putting up George's (N3GH) tower. Please click each of the thumbnail pictures to see a larger view, then used your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

N3GH's tower is a Hygain, 72' telescoping tower. Mounted on the tower in these pictures is a 5 element 6 meter yagi, and a 13 element 2 meter boomer. (Still to be mounted is a monster KLM 6 element tri-bander on a 32' boom, aren't the neighbors going to love him!)

This is a picture of the concrete just beginning to be poured into the hole to cement the base into position. The custom fabricated base is visible in the hole.
Here is a picture of the concrete base, all poured and dry.
This picture shows the tower sitting on the forks of a rented 4wd forklift, with two of the three legs pivoting in the base.
This picture shows the other angle, getting ready to lift with the forklift, then pull with my truck (in backyard).
This shows the tower nearly vertical. George, N3GH is in the shot. We balanced tower between the strap to the forklift and the 1/2" cable to my truck.
Here's the tower, now vertical, ready to be bolted in place.
With the tower vertical, its time to line up the bolts, and tighten it down. Here's a picture of W2AEW (left) and N3GH (right) bolting it down [the blind leading the blind?!?]
Here's Alan's (W2AEW) reaction after the stressful process of raising and bolting up the tower.
Here's George's first climb, to remove the lifting strap and cable.
These shots show George (N3GH) and Brad (KC2EBJ) on the tower, making the final adjustments to the rotor.
Here's N3GH's reaction after the tower is brought to its full height for the first time.
These shots show the lifting system (handcrank replaced by electric drive), and the control boxes that house the relays for the lifting motor, the control wiring for the rotor, and the control wiring for the remote coax switch.
Here are a couple of shots of the fully extended tower. The first is taken from the far side of the back field, the second is just at the base of the tower, and the third is looking directly up the center of the tower.

For those with the bandwidth (or the time), here are some larger pictures of the fully extended tower from various angles. Of course, these pictures are all before the monster 6-element KLM tri-bander.... (see below)

OK, so here are some pictures of the big KLM Tribander finding its new home...

Here's the tri-bander being raised into position on a manlift with the nervous but happy owner...

Some final adjustments to the boom support guys...

...and the completed project. Can you say CQ DX, Big Dog!!!

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