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Finally, all of the tools that any analog electrical engineer and designer could possibly dream of are assembled into one tool kit! Everything the practicing engineer to hope for (and wish for) is included. Just look at what you get:

TUB OF MARGIN: Just add a scoop to your latest design wherever you need some additional margin. Available in four popular flavors: Gain Margin, Phase Margin, and the Neapolitan varieties of Design and Specification Margin.

MILLER KILLER SPRAY: Has that nasty Miller Effect killed the performance of your latest high-speed common emitter/source amplifier design? Give it a shot of this spray and watch your bandwidth return. It's cheaper than a cascode!

ANTI-NOISE FOAM: Quiet down your next design with the special blend of flicker antigens and shot dampeners in a light, foamy anti-Johnson base. It'll do wonders for your noise figure!

PARASITIC PESTICIDE: Scare away those annoying puffs of capacitance, nanohenries of lead inductance, stray leakage paths, etc. After all, you didn't design your circuit with them in mind, so why should you have to deal with them?

IDEAL CREAM: A favorite amongst most designers. Want an ideal diode? Rub a little cream over that 1N4004 or 1N914! Works on most any type of component. But, remember to use it sparingly, you still have to interface to the "real world".

BOX OF dBs: What design couldn't use a couple of extra dBs of supply rejection? Grab a handful whenever you need some more CMRR, gain, dynamic range, etc. For a limited time, your box will also include some -dBs to instantly give you better gain flatness, ideal filter responses, and harmonic suppression.

GAD SYSTEM: That's right, a real complete GAD system (graphite aided design). This system, known as the No. 2, is a slender yellow instrument. The "insert/add" mode is accomplished with the re-sharpenable end, and the "delete" mode is handled by the flexible orange end of the tool. Completely portable and very lightweight - uses no batteries!

TABLE OF UNIVERSAL FUDGE FACTORS: Can't seem to make your numbers match or your equations mesh? Fuss no more! Our universal fudge factors will make any data correlate and any relationship believable.

TOLERANCE TRIMMING TOOLS: Use these special tools to trim out the tolerance of any component in your design. Don't pay for expensive 0.1% components ever again!

MANAGEMENT REPELLENT: Do you find it hard to concentrate with your boss breathing down your neck? This formula is guaranteed to keep away the brass so you can get some real work done! Available as a hanging strip or a lab fogger.

DEADLINE SOLVENT: Don't let unrealistic project schedules stress you out. A drop or two of this powerful solvent will relieve you of the worries of late deliveries, fab shutdowns, vendor delays, and unexpected design problems.

A. Wolke, Copyright 1987, all rights reserved.
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