The W2AEW Shack

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Starting on the top shelf on the left is the Kenwood SM-220 Station Monitor, and the SW-2000 SWR and Power Meter. The station monitor is used currently as a transmit signal monitor for the HF rig. The SM-220 is equiped with the BS-8 Pan Adaptor for looking at adjacent band activity on the main HF rig. The SW-2000 has two sensors in use. One is for the HF band, and the other is for 2m. A switch on the front panel permits monitoring either rig without having to disconnect and reconnect any coax.

Next to the scope is my MFJ-969 Deluxe Versa Tuner II. This transmatch is a roller inductor type, good for 300W of power, and covers HF and 6m. It includes a built in balun for driving long wires or balanced feeders. It also contains two coaxial outputs and an internal 50ohm dummy load. This tuner is currently connected to my G5RV-Jr HF antenna, and my homebrew 130' center-fed Zepp. The Zepp is fed with 450ohm ladder line connected to the balun in the tuner. Also, a homebrew 6m dipole in the attic can be connected.

Below the tuner is my TS-690SAT. This rig is now the 'backup rig'. It covers HF and 6m and features a built-in automatic antenna tuner, SSB and CW filters, voice synthesizer, 100 memories, etc. It's also in fantastic condition. It has only been in the shack since about the middle of April 2000. The second SP-23 speaker sits next to the 690.

Hidden behind the head of the microphone is the Astron SS-30M power supply and the Kenwood TM-231A 2m FM rig. I used to have this rig in my truck, but since I put a IC-706 in there, I moved it to the shack. I use the MC-60A mic with this rig. I've got two antennas for 2m - a homemade (thanks N3GH) 1/4 wave vertical in the attic, and a 13 element 'boomer' outside (also thanks to N3GH). Under the 2m rig is the Astron SS-30M 30 Amp switching power supply. Currently, this is being used to run the 690 and the 231. Works great!

Along the bottom, starting on the left is one of two SP-23 speakers. These speakers match the 690, but are being used for the 2m rig and the main HF rig. Next is the Kenwood PS-53 supply which also matches the 690. Next is my newest purchase (yahoo!!!), a Kenwood TS-870S. What a rig! Just an amazing piece of equipment. Brand new to the shack, I've only had it since late March 2001. I use a D-104 microphone with the TS-870S. This mic has a 'custom' preamp installed in the base to EQ the low frequency response of the D-104. Next to the rig is the SP-31 speaker.

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