My MGB Page

This is my 1979 MGB Roadster. I've had this car since 1985. After many years of "storage", where it sat in the garage collecting dust, boxes and mice. So, we finally put the car back on the road in June 2002. The major repairs included: new top, new tires (Pirelli), new exhaust (Ansa), new clutch, new clutch hydraulics, new control arm bushings, new king-pins, new belts, hoses, temp sender, alternator, etc... Now having a blast with it again! Someday, I'll post more pictures and info...

Here are a couple of links for good MGB sites. There are MANY more than I list here, but these are the ones I visit most often.

The MGB Experience, excellent mega-site with tons of info and BBS

Moss Motors, top-notch supplier of parts for my LBC


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