190 Nashawtuc Road
Concord, MA 01742

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Al Couvillon

Formerly K6BNV, Los Angeles, CA (1953); W7IAV, Salt Lake City, UT (1970); KA1GE (1978), KB1HKR (2001); Concord, MA

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Concord, MA 01742
Middlesex County
42 27' 24'' N, 71 22' 21'' W
Gridsquare FN42hk
Cuttyhunk Island, MA 02713
Dukes County
41 25' 15" N, 70 55' 47" W
Gridsquaree FN41mk
Concord, MA location, built in 1884 by William Wheeler.  Wheeler, a civil engineer, was co-founder of a college at Sapporo modeled after the Massachusetts agricultural college at Amherst.  He was responsible for many municipal waterworks including that of Tokyo.  W1UM antennas are a copper raingutter downspout hidden at right and a long dipole hidden in the trees to right.

Rig at each location is a Yaesu FT-847

Cuttyhunk Club:   The Club was built in the late 1800s as a striped-bass fishing lodge for New York gentlemen.  Cuttyhunk, on Vineyard Sound 12 miles from New Bedford, is westernmost of the Elizabeth Islands.  The island was discovered in 1602 by the Englishman Bartholomew Gosnold.  W1UM shack is a former barn, at left.  Antenna is a long dipole running along a fence between the shack and an old cemetery next door.

BBC coverage of 400th Anniversary of Gosnold's landing on Cuttyhunk