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NEWS!!! (updated 5-10-05)

Don't forget the EAWA monthly meeting, Thursday, May 12, 7PM.  The meeting will be held at the Meadowview Apartment Complex, just past Maine Coast Memorial Hospital on Union Street in Ellsworth.  There will be a Hancock County EMCOMM meeting prior to the EAWA meeting, at 6PM.  Rob, W8HAP, will be giving a program on resolving interference in a multi-station environment, like we have during Field Day.  Like the last few months, we'll try and have the program between meetings.  I look forward to seeing you there.  (Monitor 147.030 on the way to the meeting, in the event that someone needs directions.)

EAWA held it's annual elections at the January meeting.  After many years in their respective offices, President Chris Stanley, N1CJS, and Board of Directors member Everett Beal, KA1BFA, had decided to step back from those responsibilities.  As a result, we have new officers representing EAWA.  Bruce Worcester, N1VLQ, formerly Vice-President, was elected President of EAWA.  Elected to be Vice-President is Ray Reckamp, KB9TQC.  Evie Sargent, KA1BRA, was re-elected to her position of Secretary/Treasurer.  Rob Collins, W8HAP, and Mark Albee, N1TDO, are remaining on the Board of Directors, and joining them will be Chris Stanley, N1CJS.  Chris and Everett deserve a heartfelt "Thank-You" for all of their work for EAWA over the past several years.  It is greatly appreciated, guys!

Hancock County EMCOMM recently received some "good press", in an article published in The Messenger, the newsletter published for, and distributed to, public service agencies all over the state.  Ralph Pinkham, Hancock County EMA Director, wrote a wonderful piece about the new EMCOMM trailer, and the exercise surrounding the arrival of The Queen Mary II.  The article can be seen on the web at www.maine.gov/mema.

There has been a 2-meter SSB net and a 6-meter FM net on Tuesday evenings (working around the Pine State ARC Meeting) for a while now.  It is now formally called the Pine State Weak Signal Group, and they have a Yahoo Group detailing what's going on.       http://groups.yahoo.com/group/144225/
In addition to the 2-meter and 6-meter work, Art, AA1YB tells me the group is trying different frequencies as well.  For example 10 meters one week, 75 meters another.  Good stuff!   It only takes a minute or two to get set up in that Yahoo Group, and you can keep track of net times, net controls, frequencies, and what-not.  You can also ask (or answer!) questions to other members of the group.  If you get a chance, check it out, both on the web, and, hey, even On The Air!

EAWA held it's annual (I guess we can call it "annual", since we've been doing this the last few Novembers now!) Mall Demonstration on November 20.  Many different modes were on display at the Maine Coast Mall in Ellsworth.  The Hancock County EMA trailer was set up and on display for all to see, as well.  We got the chance to talk about ham radio to folks, meet old friends, and make some new ones, too.  Thanks to all who helped set it up, operate, or for just stopping by to chat.

The 3rd Annual MDI Marathon was on Sunday, October 17, and EAWA once again handled communications during the race.  We sure looked to be in for an interesting day, with rain and lightning all around us between 7AM and 8AM.  But the weather cleared just as the race started, and it turned out to be a beautiful day for the race.  By all accounts, things went fairly smoothly, with very few glitches that couldn't be worked around.  According to the website, MDIMarathon.com, there were 382 runners participating, not counting the walkers (who should certainly be congratulated, as they were on the course during the rain and lightning!) and I don't think we lost anyone.  All in all, another successful event, and EAWA should be proud of our contribution.  Thanks to all who partcipated (if I try to list everyone from memory, I'll inevitably miss someone).  Great job, one and all.

Speaking of road races, EAWA managed the communications for the Bar Harbor Half-Marathon on September 18.  Despite the lousy weather (Did it rain for every ham radio event this year?  Yup, I'm afraid it did...)  things went smoothly.  Thanks to all who participated:  W8HAP, WA1BRA, W1DEM, KB9TQC, N1CJS, N1BWI, & N1VLQ.  (Sorry if I left anyone out)  Your help was greatly appreciated!

Hancock County EMCOMM undertook a huge exercise with the arrival in Bar Harbor of The Queen Mary II.  The Hancock County Emergency Management Agency coordinated many, many different agencies participation in this exercise (thankfully, it was only an exercise) and everything went smoothly.  I, for one, considered it quite an eye-opening experience!  But Hancock County EMCOMM certainly made a good showing amoungst all of those government agencies.  The emergency operations trailer was a big hit!  And our part of the operation was given high marks.  All involved should be proud of our effort, and special thanks and congratulations should go out to Dick, W1KRP, and Everett, KA1BFA for spearheading the whole effort.  Thanks, guys, we all know how much work went into this exercise.

JOTA, the Boys Scouts Jamboree On The Air, is being held on Saturday, October 16 & 17, and Scouts will particpate locally at Camp Roosevelt, off Rt 46 in East Eddington.  Camp Roosevelt is a beautiful place, and the Scouts have a great time every year with this event.

Echolink in the greater Ellsworth area has changed a bit, but is still available and working!  The node that Chris, N1CJS and Don, K1WJY is no longer operational.  I'd like to thank them for providing it for us, and all the time and effort that required.  As that link stopped working, Mark, N1TDO created another simplex link, on 145.700 (100hz tone) and it uses the same command set that Crish & Don's did.  (Link to that command set below)  It's node number is 181699, for those who want to use the PC to access it (or to tell their friends in other parts of the world!).  I personally used the link from Lucerne all the way onto High Street in Ellsworth, and had a fine QSO with a fellow from Australia.  It ain't "real" DX, but it is real fun, using your 2-Meter rig and working someone on the other side of the world.  Give it a try!  And thanks, Mark.

On Sunday, May 16th, EAWA joined forces with The Pine State Amateur Radio Club and Penobscot County ARES to handle communications for The Tour de Cure bike races on Mount Desert Island.  The Tour de Cure is a fund raising event for The American Diabetes Association, and EAWA (and PSARC) have been there since the beginning.  This year was the first year in recent memory that the weather played a factor, as it was a cold and rainy day, which undoubtably contributed to the low rider turnout.  But even with the low turnout (approximately 250 riders this year, compared to the usual 400 or so) the American Diabetes Association raised over $90,000, which is wonderful.  The radio operations went pretty well, despite Roger Dole, KA1TKS, being absent, due to his having knee surgery.  (Get back on your feet soon, Roger!)  This was the first year since the race began that Roger wasn't at the Tour de Cure, and he was greatly missed.  But despite that, things went as smoothly as such an event can be, and those who participated deserve many thanks.  Tom  N1OJH, John KB1IHO, Marilyn KB1KBW, Zeke N1KVJ, Ella N1ROU, Bob N1OSZ, Randy N1NAD, Ray, KB9TQC, Ken WB1EMA, Al, N1NM, Carroll N1OJD, Everett KA1BFA, Bob W1KMG, Glen N1LX, Chris N1CJS, Andy N1WTQ, Don KD1XU, and Chuck K1CDA.  Thank you, one and all for a superb effort.  And as I understand it, Roger will be back next year, so hopefully will also be the good weather!

The Downeast Slow Speed Net is suspended for the summer season, and should return in the fall...

Packet radio is alive and well in Hancock County, as a number of area amateurs have begun setting up (or setting back up) packet radio stations.  With our ongoing interest in emergency communications, having packet radio capability seems a natural, and that has helped spur recent interest.  That, and it's fun!

Bob, AA1PI, has maintained two local nodes, both with BBS systems, for many years now, and has continued to encourage, coach, teach, and otherwise help many of us locally in getting started with packet.  Local packet activity is on 145.070, and Bob's nodes are "Trent" and "Ells", and the BBS's are "DEAR" and "DIER" (don't use the parenthesis).  Also, Bob W1KMG has a node at his station, "W1KMG-7", and Ben, W1VEH has a node at his station, "Bux".

Pine State ARC has reinstated their Worked All Maine award.  This award has been around for a while now, without a lot of attention.  Even if you don't "collect wallpaper" this seems like a neat award to have, and to support.  You can get the details here.  Let's hear about some people who have "Worked All Maine."

Downeast.net may have an opportunity for you.  If you are located in a place where they need to expand, and you have space available for them on your tower, they might be able to work out a deal with you in exchange for the use of that space.  If you are interested or have any questions, contact Don at 667-7414 or email him, [email protected].

A feature has been added to the site, an email directory of associated hams. We, as a group, thought it might be nice to have another easy way to get in touch with another area ham, and this would be a good resource for that purpose. Please be responsible with it, though. If anyone would like to be added to our list, or to ever be removed, simply notify webmaster. This is not restricted to EAWA members only, anyone who wishes is welcome, as I don't envision the scope of it becoming a problem, and the (ham) world is small enough as it is. (No one will be added without first requesting it.)

To make this page load faster, I've decided to have a seperate page for photo's from the meetings (and breakfasts, coffees, etc). It's at the bottom, called Photos.
On the air meetings will continue on Wednesdays at 7PM, on 147.030. All are welcome and encouraged to check in.
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