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The J-36 label may be printed from the following two files:

7935.gif: A gif file of the label cleaned up and ready to print.
7935.pcx: A .pcx file of the label cleaned up and ready to print.

Here is how Jeff Wittich went about turning the .Gif file into a satisfactory reproduction label:

'I printed the .GIF at work on a laser printer using Microsoft Photoeditor which comes with the Microsoft Office Suite. Under printer properties, I set the orientation to landscape, and set the width to 9.4 inches with the "Fit to page" and "allow distortion" boxes unchecked. I then took the printed page to the copy machine, and set the reduction to 50%. The copy machine improved the contrast a little. (NOTE: you can adjust the 'darkness' setting on the copy machine to further increase the contrast...TP) The labels came out the actual size using these settings. I cut out the labels leaving about 1/4 inch of white on all sides, and stuck them on a sheet of laminating film. Then using an X-acto knife and straight edge, I trimmed them to the proper size.'

NOTE: I suggest trimming the label to size FIRST... being careful to maintain an absolutely straight edge. (The label measures 4-1/4 inches long by 5/8-inch high.) Then, I suggest using a fresh black Magic-Marker all around the outside of the label BEFORE it is stuck to the laminating film. This will eliminate any white paper from showing around the outside edge... The black Magic-Marker can also be used on the back or front of the paper to eliminate any tiny white flaws in the black areas...TP

If it is impossible to find laminating film to seal the label, you can use clear plastic packaging tape.

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