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Welcome to my cyber shack in QSL-land.    

This site is just one of a few on the net.  My other sites are centered on my various interests.  All sites have a connection with Amateur Radio, but show that interests as it relates to motorcycles and mobile communications needs of public service events.  

As time allows, I'll add more pages showing my radios and stuff.  I'll also layout the content better.  This first pass page is put through quickly to keep from loosing the web space.   If you are interested in seeing how ham radios are being used on motorcycles and in supporting public service events, visit the BA-MARC we site listed below.  As time allows, I'll post pictures and links on how I'm using ham radios.

If you want to find where my APRS beacon last reported my position, click on the this link to the "Findu" web site: Find W1RDR

I'll be back soon!


Callsign: W1RDR   Class: General   Codes: HAI   USA
Old Callsigns: WB1CFQ, FP0EE - St. Pierre Island 
Addr1: 599 ALBION CT
Addr2: SAN JOSE, CA 95136
Country: USA
First Licensed: Spring of 1973

GPS-TM7411_s.jpg (66408 bytes)

Here is a picture of our 1998 Honda Goldwing SE motorcycle showing the position of the control head of a TM-741 Tri-band radio, a Garmin Streetpilot GPS and a Valentine radar detector.  More pictures of the motorcycle are available on "Kitty's" picture page and on my BA-MARC member page.
Coordinates: 37 16' 20'' N,    121 51' 21'' W   
County: Santa Clara County
Grid: CM97bg
Email: [email protected]
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(Rines Family Site)

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(Image of wife & I and our motorcycle)




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