Philips Amateur Radio Club

Field Day 2001

In front of Building 1, Andover, Massachusetts

SIGN_1S.JPG (17793 bytes)
Welcome Sign


wb8wgy_1s.jpg (52635 bytes)
The Op Shack & Steve, WB8WGY


SITE_1S.JPG (36283 bytes)
The Site


hexbeam_1s.jpg (19389 bytes)
The Hex Beam & Crew


generator_1s.jpg (25934 bytes)
The Generator


solarcells_1s.jpg (39348 bytes)
Solar Cells


TOM_1S.JPG (28546 bytes)
Tom, W1HET


W1SD_1S.JPG (36164 bytes)
Steve, W1SD


wb8wgy_2s.jpg (35775 bytes)
Steve, WB8WGY & Rick, K1PAD


tonys_kid_1s.jpg (30571 bytes)
Taylor, the Next Ham...


756_1S.JPG (35318 bytes)
The End...


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Updated: 15 January 2002